Rental Requirements


Renters will need the following:

  • Proof of Funds used: paystubs, tax returns, bank statements

  • Credit & Background Check: this is mainly needed when dealing with landlords, apartment complexes with management have their own screening process that is done

  • Co-Signer(s): If you cannot prove income or credit, most properties will give you the option to prove these items through a co-signer or "guarantor". Typically a parent or family member steps in to help with this portion of the process. They typically need to make 3x the rent monthly unless stated otherwise by the property in question.

  • Renter's Insurance: Most apartment complexes and landlords will require a tenant to provide renter's insurance, usually up to $1,000,000 liability protection. This insurance is usually inexpensive costing some renter's about $20-$30 per month.

NOTE: Rental requirements are subject to change on a case by case basis. This guide is solely to be used as a rough estimate of common requirements. Due diligence is always recommended.