How to Rent Off-Campus

Step 1: Deciding to Move Off-Campus

Determine if renting off-campus is for you! When you live in a dorm you usually prepay for the semester/year. Off-campus you are transitioning to paying on a monthly basis unless you decide to prepay your lease upfront for the year.

Step 2: Picking Roommates

Determine if you want to live alone or with roommates! Most students are excited to make this transition to off-campus living. Deciding if you want to live with friends is a big factor because it will determine your cost of living. One bedroom apartments, especially in Boca Raton and surrounding cities can be pricey. Typically a one bedroom can run you $1,300-$2,000+.

Students aim to split rent with at least one or more roommates to bring down their monthly cost of living. This will put extra money in your pocket to cover expenses such as:

  • Utilities

  • Gas & Food

  • Leisure activities

Having roommates has its perks but keep in mind that you should communicate with one another to agree on a price, room splits (who gets the master or bigger room(s), and determining a move in date.

Step 3: Determine Your Budget

When determining a budget it is crucial for students and their families to decide how much they can put towards rent. This will come down to a few factors:

  • Distance from Campus

  • Quality of Life

  • Your financial situation

Distance From Campus

How far you decide to commute from your campus can make or break your budget. Typically we recommend remaining within a 5 mile radius of the campus you attend. This is widely due to the fact that the further you go the more of a commute time you can potentially have, keep in mind that in the mornings there can be traffic, delays, or you can oversleep and need to rush out!

Quality of Life

Everyone deserves the best quality of life their budget can permit! Some main concerns students usually have are amenities (gym, outdoor areas, pool). If you want the best of the best you should be prepared for the prices to vary. For upscale living that include luxury style finishes and proximity to places you enjoy you may need to look towards a higher budget. Luxury style apartment complexes can start anywhere from $1,700+ for 2-3 bedroom units. Large homes with pools in the area can start anywhere from $3,000+. When determining your budget, keep in mind that this is an investment in yourself and your comfort/safety.

Your Financial Situation

If you are working to pay your own rent we understand this decision can be a tough one for you. You're probably thinking of the numerous other expenses you have which is completely valid. Be sure to take the time to sit down and crunch your numbers carefully, you want to ensure you aren't putting yourself into a difficult situation by adding a large financial obligation to your plate. Keep in mind that if you have roommates the rent and utilities will be split amongst each other which brings down your shared cost.

If you have a parent who is providing for you make sure you sit down with them and determine what they can afford. Keep in mind that they may have expenses of their own to consider so communication and planning ahead is key!

Step 4: Do You Need A Co-Signer?

A Co-Signer or "guarantor" is someone who helps you get approved for a rental. This is usually needed when you cannot prove income or credit. Typically complexes and landlords are looking to see that tenants make at least 3-4x the monthly rent. Meaning if Rent is $2,000, they want to see an income of $6,000 per month. Most properties will allow you to combine income between two parents as well as your own. If you have roommates complexes and landlords may allow income to be grouped between multiple families.

Please check out the "Renting Requirements" tab for more information.

Step 5: Use Our Services

Once you have determined the steps above fill out our contact form with your information! Your inquiry will be shared with our trusted Realtor® VladEstates! Once your inquiry is received he or one of our staff members will reach out to you and provide more in-depth information. We have been dealing with rentals since 2018 and have helped dozens of families throughout South Florida! We provide expertise like no other,especially for students. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you throughout this journey. The best part is, this service is at no charge to you, our fees are covered by the landlords and apartment complexes who work with Realtors®.

Disclaimer: Not all apartment complexes and landlords work with Realtors®. Should you decide to work with us we ask that you allow us to communicate on your behalf with properties that we present to you to prevent issues with the fees honored by complexes and landlords. Thank you!