Q: When should i start looking for a place to stay?

Ans: This is dependent upon your move in date. We typically recommend looking about 30-90 in advance of your desired move in date range. This can vary due to the availability of units and homes.

For example, property owners with units that are currently vacant typically want to fill in the unit as quickly as possible. If you see a home up for rent now and want to secure it for a move in date 3-6 months out it is more than likely not going to happen due to the fact they need to fill spots sooner than later.

Q: When is the availability for units updated?

Ans: Availability for most apartment complexes is updated daily however most of their systems can only show availability between 30-90 days in advance. Meaning what you see tomorrow may change at any given time and is not guaranteed to be there 3-4 months out. This is important to know when searching for units and determining your move in date.

Q: Can I sign a lease in advance of my move in date?

Ans: Yes you can but how far in advance is the catch. Unless a property has a current tenant that gives notice of their move out date well in advance you are limited as to when you can sign. Properties are usually posted with 1-3 months notice of move in. If the property is vacant it is listed at any time but they will not hold a vacant property for a tenant too far in advance.

Q: If i have roommates can we sign multiple leases?

Ans: Typically this is not common roommates usually sign one lease and are all liable for that lease. If co-signers are involved, they to become liable in most cases. Note: this is not legal advice and should not be misconstrued as legal advice. Please contact a legal professional for information regarding legally binding documents such as leases.

Q: What happens if one of my roommates backs out after signing?

Ans: If a roommate backs out of a lease the landlord or management must be notified. How this is handled can vary and should be discussed with any landlord or management prior to the signing of a lease.

Q: Do we have to pay out of pocket to use a Realtor®?

Ans: Working with a Realtor® is at no cost to you. Realtors® are paid by cooperating complexes and landlords. In order for these fees to be honored the Realtor® must make and handle contacts to properties on your behalf.

Q: Are utilities included?

Ans: Typically utilities are paid by the tenant. If any utilities are included in the rent it is usually water, pest control, trash, lawn, and sometimes wifi and basic cable. Please be prepared for none of the aforementioned to be included with some properties.

Q: Does Owl Rent do roommate pairing?

Ans: Yes, if you need a roommate we can add you to a list and notify you when interested parties reach out to us! Share information on what you're looking for in the additional comments of the contact form.